Seller’s Guide

Selling Your Home Can Be Quite An Undertaking. Don't Go It Alone! Let Me "Get It Done" For You.

Whether the real estate market is up or down, putting your house up for sale can be a huge undertaking.  Hiring a great Realtor® should be your first step. BEFORE you actually DO any of the helpful hints I’ve listed for you below, I’ll meet with you to discuss my recommendations.  You never know — your home may already be buyer-ready!



In this case, de-cluttering doesn’t mean shoving all your junk in the closet.  Remember, buyers will look in there, too.  Disorganized, overflowing closets are a quick way to give the appearance that your home is lacking in storage.  This may be the perfect time to have a yard sale, donate to charity, or even rent a storage unit.  You can also use this time to pack away personal items and photos so that buyers can visualize their family living in the house.


Generally speaking, it isn’t necessary to do a lot of major renovation before placing your home on the market.  Focus on more inexpensive improvements, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, as this is likely where you’ll see the largest return on your investment.  Freshen up the paint.  Put in a new sink and trade out cabinet hardware or light fixtures.  Update the look of bathrooms with new shower curtains and hand towels.  Small improvements can have a large impact when done well.


Dark or poorly lit rooms do not sell houses.  Buyers want to see bright and airy spaces.  Choosing a light neutral paint color is a great way to brighten up a dark room.  Open curtains and shades for photos and open houses to make the most of natural light.  And, switch out lightbulbs with the highest wattage available for the fixture.  Don’t depend on just one or two fixtures per room.  You should have three types of lighting: ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading), and accent (table and wall).


If you have the budget to hire a professional home stager, awesome, go for it!  If not, I’ll gladly walk through your home with you and discuss ways to bring out your home’s finer points.

Here are some staging tips to get you started.

Don’t overcrowd rooms with furniture that is too large for the space; it will only make the space feel small and cramped.  Take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without.  Try grouping living room pieces into conversational areas.  In bedrooms, create a relaxing setting with luxurious linens and soft colors.  If you’ve been using that spare bedroom as a dumping ground, it’s time to clean up your act.  Make sure every room has a clear purpose.  Think about what potential buyers might need in a new home.


Amping up your home’s curb appeal is a vital part of the selling process.  Your home’s exterior is often the first thing a buyer sees in person and on online listings.  If the outside doesn’t look appealing, some buyers may not bother to look at inside pictures or go into the house.

Start by cleaning up your yard.  Trim and shape bushes and hedges, refresh the mulch beds, and edge the yard.  Consider pressure-washing the house, walkways, and driveway, or even freshening up the paint on your trim, shutters, and door.  Everything matters — polish the kick plate and doorknob, clear away spider webs and clean up bird droppings off the front porch.  Add a pop of color with flowers in the front landscaping.


Pricing is key.  We’ll look at what similar houses in the area are selling for and how your home stacks up and then we’ll decide on a starting price together.  Keep in mind that just because you want to sell for a certain amount doesn’t mean your home is actually worth that price.  Be open to advice and I’ll help you GET IT DONE!

It’s my job as your listing agent to market your home, but don’t be afraid to help get the word out using your personal social media accounts and sending the listing page to family and friends.  You never know when a  friend of a friend or distant relative may be looking in your neighborhood!

Ready to put your home on the market?